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Every mother and baby participating in a clinical trial is part of the Little Liggins family. Help us give more babies a healthy start to life by making a donation to Little Liggins.

A mum with her baby

There is nothing more important than giving our children the best possible start to life. We know now that this begins before birth, and even before conception. The environment within the womb affects the baby’s physical and mental development. Factors such as poor nutrition during pregnancy can result in children having an increased risk of heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes throughout life. And these children will go one to become parents of children who are also at risk of these diseases.

If someone asked me if they should take part in a Liggins clinical trial, I would say yes, definitely. I felt I helped my baby, and maybe someone else’s, to get a healthy start to life.

Amrita Naidu GEMS Study participant

Why clinical trials are critical

The Liggins Institute is committed to translating research into clinical practice that benefits mothers, babies, children and our communities. Current studies include:  

  • ‘Sugar Babies’/hPOD: A small amount of a sugar gel placed on the inside of a newborn’s cheek can prevent low blood sugars and protect against brain injury. This is now used in many hospitals around the world.
  • Gestational Diabetes (GEMS): Identifying how to accurately diagnose and treat mothers with gestational diabetes in order to better control spikes in sugar levels.

Liggins researchers are also investigating optimum nutrition for pregnant mums; whether boys and girls have different nutritional needs; the best nutrition for very premature babies; and how to diagnose and treat endometriosis early.

Clinical trials cost thousands of dollars and we need your help to make our research possible. Every dollar you donate to Little Liggins will help us give every baby a healthy start to life. 

Mum and baby

As a first time mum, I was worried about doing the right things for my baby. I was thrilled to be part of a trial about nutrition in pregnancy. It made me feel I was doing the best I could for both myself and my baby, plus it could benefit other mums and their babies too.

Dr Clare Reynolds Liggins Institute researcher and NiPPeR Study participant

Find out more

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