Clinical studies in pregnancy

From when to diagnose and treat gestational diabetes to nutritional choices that could improve the health of your baby, find out about our current clinical trials and follow up studies in pregnancy and how you can get involved.


Can we safely reduce the risk of breathing problems for newborn babies by giving corticosteroid injections to their mothers before a planned caesarean section?

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Could taking fish oil improve your baby's health? If you are less than 20 weeks pregnant and carrying extra weight you may be eligible to take part.

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The GEMS Study is examining the best criteria for diagnosing diabetes during pregnancy.

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Can babies born by caesarean section be protected from the increased risk of obesity by being given their mothers' bacteria soon after birth?

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Managing gestational diabetes through diet

What is it like to manage gestational diabetes through diet? This study explores women’s experiences of receiving dietary advice and managing their diet after a diagnosis with gestational diabetes.

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