Researcher and children in the Clinical Research Unit

Clinical Studies

Clinical studies across the whole lifespan - from pregnancy to old age - reveal more about the causes of disease. They help us turn scientific discoveries into real life applications that benefit people’s health.

Child in the Liggins Institute Clinical Research Unit

Taking part in a clinical study ensures you get the best possible care and could help improve health outcomes for you, your family, and the next generation.

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Pregnant mother participating in clinical trial

Studies in pregnancy investigate everything from the optimum diet for a mum-to-be to the best time to diagnose gestational diabetes.

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Toys for children in the Clinical Research Unit

Clinical trials in babies and follow-up studies in children help to identify the interventions that have the best impact on long-term health.

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Mother with preterm baby

If your baby has been admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), you may be invited to take part in one of these studies.

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Liggins Institute researcher with clinical study participant

We’re investigating the food components that trigger intolerance and identifying the optimum exercise and nutrition for muscle health and mobility.

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Distinguished Professor Dame Jane Harding meeting with Liggins Institute staff

Why take part in clinical research?

Taking part in clinical research helps to improve health outcomes for people at every age and stage. But did you know that it has a positive impact on your health too?