Our researchers

Meet the academic staff who lead our major research themes and programmes.

Professor Frank Bloomfield
Fetus and newborn, nutrition

Professor Wayne Cutfield
Paediatric endocrinology, nutrition. Director, A Better Start (National Science Challenge)

Distinguished Professor Sir Peter Gluckman
Evolutionary medicine, developmental epigenetics, and developmental origins of health and disease

Distinguished Professor Dame Jane Harding
Fetus and newborn, nutrition, neonatal glycaemia, long-term outcomes

Professor Caroline Crowther
Maternal and perinatal health

Professor Mark Vickers
Developmental programming, nutrition

Professor Paul Hofman
Paediatric endocrinology, exercise

Professor Richard Mithen
Nurtition. Chief Scientist, High Value Nutrition (National Science Challenge)

Professor Justin O'Sullivan
Genetics and genome organisation

Professor Katie Groom
Maternal health

Professor Elwyn Firth
Bone health, exercise (effect on obesity, in early childhood and on old age)

Associate Professor Jo Perry
Endocrinology, growth factors

Associate Professor Fiona Lithander

Dr Jacquie Bay
LENScience, DOHaD knowledge translation adolescent populations

Dr Amber Milan

Dr Ben Albert
Paediatric endocrinology

Dr Barbara Cormack
Neonatal nutrition

Dr Anne Jaquiery
Maternal nutrition, intrauterine growth restriction, prematurity

Dr Mark Oliver
Maternal environment, intrauterine growth restriction, prematurity, nutrition for pregnant and young ruminants

Dr William Schierding
Genome mapping, variant detection, RNA-sequencing, methylome epigenetics, metagenomics data

Dr Tommi Vatanen
Microbiome, metabolism, immunity

Dr Chis Pook
Elemental analysis, mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography, gas, chromatography, toxicology, biochemistry, chemoinformatics.

Dr Celia Grigg
Midwifery and obstetrics

Dr Eleanor Kennedy
Neonatal factors and early brain development

Dr Nike Franke
Early intervention, normal and abnormal child development, executive functioning, consumer engagement

Dr Tayaza Fadason
Genetics, precision medicine

Dr Farha Ramzan

Nutrition, genetics and metabolic health

Emeritus Professor Michael Heymann
Perinatal circulatory physiology, neonatal cardiology