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We offer expert advice at affordable prices through our specialised teaching clinics. Book an appointment today.

Our clinics allow students to put into practice what they’ve learned in the classroom with services ranging from optometry to psychology.

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Our clinic provides safe exercise rehabilitation services to those living with chronic illnesses, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, obesity and more.

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We deliver a client-centred service designed to help clients meet their individual nutrition needs and personal goals.

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We offer hearing appointments for adults and children as well as tinnitus appointments and advice on protecting your hearing.

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The Optometry Clinic offers a comprehensive range of optometry services for adults and children at our Grafton Campus.

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The Psychology Clinic provides a safe, effective and professional environment to help clients manage a number of issues and challenges.

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A speech-language therapist works with a client.

Learn more about the two Speech-Language Therapy clinics, including Listening and Language and the free Speech-Language Therapy Clinic.

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