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Greening of capitalism: China’s green development model as the driver

Politics and International Relations lecture by John A. Mathews, Professor of Strategy at Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney.

  • Top 10 threats to nature in the city
    02 December 2015
    Drones, scattering cremation ashes and digital mimicry of the natural world are among the top 10 reasons cities of the future may increasingly become nature-free zones, scientists say.
  • Mass surveillance and a crisis of social responsibility
    01 December 2015
    A critic of mass surveillance and pioneering computer scientist whose work has contributed to reducing the risk of cyber-attack will give a public lecture at the University of Auckland next week.
  • Trust boosts Auckland cancer research
    30 November 2015
    The newly established Li Family Cancer Research Trust has announced its first call for applications for funding for cancer research projects, fellowships and doctoral scholarships.

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LP/Book launch

I stayed a minute, an LP/book collaboration, with music by Associate Professor Eve de Castro-Robinson and photography by Harvey Benge.