What's happening

Vivid: A Paul Hartigan Retrospective

An exhibition surveying the artist's 40 year career.

  • Recovering from disasters
    25 November 2015
    Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires and wars: major disasters occur around the world each year but recovering from them takes many years and vast resources.
  • Education a key to Pahiatua Polish children’s lives
    24 November 2015
    When Lynette Kingsbury researched the history of Pahiatua’s Polish children for her MA thesis she discovered the power of education had protected and enhanced their culture and identity at the Pahiatua Polish Children’s Camp.
  • Legal case increases understanding of mental health
    23 November 2015
    A New Zealand court case about the relationship of sexual abuse to the development of schizophrenia has the potential to increase understanding around causes of mental illness to be considered in legal contexts.

Upcoming events

Elam 1950s-1970s Student Anniversary Reunion

To mark Elam’s 125th year, students from the 1950s-1970s are holding a reunion, to coincide with the annual Elam Graduate Show.