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Solomon Lecture in Philosophy

Tragedies of the Cultural Commons by Professor Talbot Brewer.

  • Human-powered ‘Taniwha’ has world record in sight
    31 July 2015
    The University of Auckland’s human-powered submarine ‘Taniwha’ outdid expectations at this year’s 13th International Submarine Races, proving fin-propulsion is competitive with propeller propulsion.
  • Majority of our packaged foods unhealthy
    30 July 2015
    The majority of packaged food available in New Zealand supermarkets is ultra-processed and so is also the unhealthiest food available.
  • Fast Forward focuses on urban China
    30 July 2015
    An upcoming series of lectures presented by the School of Architecture and Planning focuses on the unprecedented social and economic development occurring in urban China.

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No Free Man: To No One Deny Justice

An exhibition of photographic portraits by Nigel Swinn, curated by Dr Erin Giffey.