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Tunbridge 2015
Henrietta and Lola Anne Tunbridge Scholarship exhibition

Students from Elam School of Fine Arts explore the medium of watercolour.

  • Majority of our packaged foods unhealthy
    30 July 2015
    The majority of packaged food available in New Zealand supermarkets is ultra-processed and so is also the unhealthiest food available.
  • Facing the Law
    28 July 2015
    Teina Pora, Louise Nicholas and four prisoners will feature in a dramatic photographic exhibition to open at the University of Auckland’s Gus Fisher Gallery on Friday 7 August.
  • Children helping to keep Te Reo Māori alive
    27 July 2015
    The use of te reo Māori is on the rise with more parents speaking Te Reo to their infants, in comparison to their own childhood. The number of toddlers of Māori descent who understand Te Reo has also increased.

Upcoming events

Hood Lecture

Hear Professor Melissa Lane from Princeton University talk about the ethics of communicating climate change: Insights from Aristotle.