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Grow your capabilities and gain confidence with career-focused learning in our new course ARTSGEN 102 Solving Your Future.

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New Zealand could become a relocation destination for many Pacific peoples displaced by rising sea levels and other climate-change related disasters.

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From early representations in European art to Disney's Moana, Indigenous peoples of the Pacific and beyond have been framed and explained by an outsiders' gaze.

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An invitation to all Year 12 students to join us at the University of Auckland and attend presentations that will challenge the way you think and see the world.

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Join Emeritus Professor Will Steffen for a public lecture on Wednesday 3 July exploring potential solutions to the climate change challenge.

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Professor Janet M Davis will discuss animal welfare advocacy and the challenges of global animal protection in this public lecture on Monday 15 July.

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Open the door to an unexpected career

Catch an Uber with James David, whose postgraduate study in History helped him to move into a career in IT, an area which he never thought he would end up in.

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