School of Cultures, Languages and Linguistics

Te Puna Reo | Our school is the centre for studying European and Asian languages and cultures, communication, language teaching, linguistics and translation at the University of Auckland.

We are ranked in the top 100 in the world for modern languages and linguistics, and our geographic position and affinities give us a unique perspective.

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We work to deepen understanding of, and communication between, the cultures, languages and histories of the world.

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How can we improve intercultural communication and understanding?

Become a more informed local and global citizen by studying another language.

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A selection of forms and guides available for students in CLL.

Forms and guides

If you speak English as an additional language, you can take courses to improve and develop your academic English.

Study academic English

Applied Linguistics draws on a variety of disciplines to formulate solutions to real world language problems.

Study Applied Linguistics

Asian Studies gives you a broad understanding of the complexities and opportunities of Asia.

Study Asia

Studying Chinese will develop your understanding of contemporary China, an increasingly important global economic power.

Study Chinese

You can study the changing ways we communicate, in the media, in business and organisations, and online.

Study Communication

Comparative Literature is the study of literature across national and cultural boundaries, chronological periods and disciplines.

Study Comparative Literature

European Studies includes courses that focus on different aspects of Europe and European culture, history, politics and thought.

Study Europe

French involves not only language study, but also knowledge of the culture, history and literature of France and the French-speaking world.

Study French

Introduce yourself to the rich culture of Germany and discover its influence in film and literature and its connections with New Zealand.

Study German

Be the change you want to see, care for the planet’s resources and people, and gain the tools needed to solve the world's problems from a thematic perspective.

Study Global Studies

You can study the language and culture of Italy, and learn to read, write and speak Italian.

Study Italian

Studying Japanese gives you a broad knowledge of the language, culture and literature of Japan.

Study Japanese

You can study Korean society and culture as well as the language.

Study Korean

Specialise in teaching English or other languages as a second or foreign language.

Study language teaching

Languages and Literature is designed for students with a strong background in two languages and literatures.

Study two languages

Latin American Studies introduces you to the traditions, heritage and contemporary experience of Latin American nations and their people.

Study Latin America

Linguistics is the study of language as a human activity.

Study Linguistics

You can learn the Spanish language and study the cultures and literatures of Spain and Latin America.

Study Spanish

Prepare for a career teaching English to speakers of other languages by studying TESOL.


If you are looking for study that's adventurous, take part in an exchange or study abroad.

Study overseas