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We study how people, past and present, use art, literature, contemplation and action to bring meaning to life.

Driven by curiosity about life, art and society, our research and creative works contribute enormously to the culture of Aotearoa New Zealand and the world.

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We host the Auckland History Initiative, Shakespeare fellows and writers-in-residence, publish journals and websites, and put on performances.

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Our expertise includes Māori and Pacific art, museums, feminisms, public sculpture, exiled artists, art & psychology, contemporary art and early Modern art.

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Our expertise ranges widely from medieval texts to contemporary Māori and Pacific literature, human evolution to literary experimentation and theatricality.

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We include numerous experts in ethics and political thought and individual specialists in philosophies of law, arts, religion and science, and existentialism.

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We study languages, literatures, militaries, economies, slavery, religions and attitudes to gender in Ancient Greece, Egypt and the Roman Empire.

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We study revolution, sex, strikes, Māori culture, nationalism, crusades, race relations, women’s history, health, and peace.

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We have expertise in a wide range of areas in theological and religious studies, including in religious history, ethics, literature and anthropology.

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We examine the world of yesterday and today, and discover stories about the society, people and periods in which they were written.

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We study cinema and TV to popular music, comics, videogames and social networking sites.

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Associate Professor Aroha Harris (Te Rarawa and Ngāpuhi) uncovers the complexity of Māori histories.

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Dr Greg Minissale's research suggests that taking time out to let our minds wander has real benefits.

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Professor Tim Dare makes a difference by helping government agencies make informed decisions on privacy, human rights, and ethical risks.

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Associate Professor Ngarino Ellis sings to Māori artworks in archives the world over — and posts their images on social media to inspire today's artists.

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