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We work to understand, inform and creatively respond to interactions between authorities, individuals, communities, technologies and the environment.

Our world-leading research and creative work examines power dynamics in past and present human relations, often in pursuit of social justice.

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We research in Aotearoa, Asia, Europe, all over the Pacific and elsewhere, to study politics, music, material culture, human-landscape interaction and more.

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Viewing Development Studies critically, we research Indigenous and feminist approaches to living in particular physical and political environments.

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Our interdisciplinary research explores how gender and sexuality operate locally to globally, as a matter of identities, politics, and cultural productions.

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We research everything from mobile tech, #fakenews, journalism and reality TV to digital data and superheroes, and we produce award-winning scripts and films.

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Our research includes public policy, political marketing, politics and the media, Chinese politics, energy governance, political philosophy, war and trade.

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We are a key Australasian hub of sociology and criminology research. Our broad interests are guided by the aim of contributing to progressive social change.

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Professor Andreas Neef researches strategies used around the world to survive in extreme circumstances, including disasters and land grabbing.

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Dilys Johns conserves waterlogged wood artefacts around Aotearoa — offering the scientific side of larger stories.

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COMPASS undertakes cutting-edge quantitative social science research of international standing and policy relevance to improve the lives of New Zealanders.


Professor Jennifer Curtin heads this Faculty of Arts institute which creates and disseminates knowledge relevant to policymakers.

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