We are an experienced team undertaking quantitative social science research of international standing and with policy relevance.

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We host weekly seminars with guest speakers on topics in the social sciences and statistics.

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We offer courses in social science research methods through the New Zealand Social Statistics Network (NZSSN) in Wellington and Auckland.

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We administer surveys for the International Social Survey Programme, the New Zealand Election Study and others.

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Explore projects that use simulation to model population changes over time.

Microsimulation projects

View our past and current projects that use whole population data to understand health and social functioning.

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Learn more about current and completed social research projects at COMPASS.

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We publish journal articles, technical reports and other publications related to our research.

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Learn more about our annual research showcase at Statistics New Zealand in Wellington to the government, academic, and broader research community.

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We host various events, workshops and lectures on topics in the social sciences and statistics.

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COMPASS works on a number of externally-funded research grants, from the following bodies.

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