We combine macro and micro knowledges — getting down to the nitty-gritty and zooming out for the larger picture — to develop understandings of life.

Our interests include Indigenous psychologies, psychoanalytic theories, critiques of psychiatry, political psychology, and evolution, cognition and the arts.

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We study the philosophy, sociology, evolution and use of humanity's physical and digital technological systems, ancient to contemporary.

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Looking at aspects from accent to syntax to pragmatics, we study how languages, from English to Chinese to Tongan to Ryukyuan, work to convey meaning.

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We use and critique cultural, social, critical, feminist and post-colonial theory, and philosophy, poetics and logic.

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Professor Linda Waimarie Nikora works to develop Indigenous psychologies to serve the aspirations of indigenous peoples.

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Dr Greg Minissale's research suggests that taking time out to let our minds wander has real benefits.

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Dilys Johns conserves waterlogged wood artefacts and tools around Aotearoa — offering the scientific side of larger stories.

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COMPASS uses data technologies to undertake cutting-edge quantitative social science research to improve the lives of New Zealanders.


Institutions can empower the vulnerable and/or discriminate and attack. We study collective actions and categories: their causes, effects and resistance.

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People make, shape and break physical and political locations — and vice versa. We study kaitiakitanga, disaster recovery, health and migration — old and new.

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Narratives help us to explain events, actions and motivations with a beginning, middle and end. We study the stories of others and create our own.

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