Enrolling in postgraduate courses

To get started in your postgraduate courses, you'll need to enrol.

How to enrol

Once you have accepted your offer and are active in your programme, you will be able to enrol yourself into courses using Student Services Online.

You should consult the Graduate Adviser for your subject before enrolling.

Find a course

Use our course finder to browse all courses taught by the Faculty of Arts. You can also search by subject and availability.

Postgraduate course finder

Course points and duration

  • Postgraduate courses in the Faculty of Arts may be 15 or 30 points.
  • 30 point courses can also be offered as full year (A and B) courses over two semesters.
  • A full time course load is 60 points per semester, or 120 points per academic year.

Enrolment deadlines

You can change your enrolment within deadline dates without penalty. You can finalise your enrolment up to the end of the deadline specified for changing enrolment.

Enrolment concessions

Student Services Online lets you apply for concessions online as part of the enrolment process. You should only apply for a concession as a last resort, after you have considered other options. Inappropriate concession requests will not be approved, and may cause problems and delays with your enrolment.

You can apply for a concession for the following reasons:

  • Request to enrol into a course which is not listed in your programme's schedule
  • Request to enrol into a masters thesis or research portfolio. Please ensure you have secured a topic and supervision before submitting a concession request.
  • Request to enrol into an individually assessed course such as a special topic or directed study.

Concession requests must be submitted by the end of the first week of semester.

Your request for a concession will be considered by both your discipline and the Faculty. Your enrolment is subject to approval.

Part time study

Part time study is a student workload of 50 or fewer points per semester. If you wish to study part time, you can simply enrol in a part time course load. If you are studying part time, you will have longer to complete your degree but are still be subject to specified completion time-frames.

Not all programmes allow for part time study. Please check the relevant programme page to confirm if part time study is available.

Please note that Studylink has a different definition of full time and part time status.