When to enrol and changing your enrolment

You can enrol in courses after you're admitted to a programme of study and accept your offer of place online.

Enrol early to get into the courses and class times you want.

This applies to you if you're a new or returning student at the University of Auckland.

You can change your mind after you have enrolled as long as you swap or drop your course before the enrolment closing date. 

Once you enrol in courses, you will be charged fees for them. If you don't want to study a course anymore, make sure to drop the course before the enrolment closing date or you will be liable for the fees. 

Enrolment opening date

You can start to enrol in courses for 2024 on Wednesday 1 November at 7am on Student Services Online. 

You won't be able to enrol into courses if you have not received an offer of place. You can enrol once you're receive an offer of place. 

Changing your enrolment

At the start of each semester or quarter, if you need to change your enrolments, you can:

  • Drop your courses
  • Swap your courses
  • Edit your courses 

This can be done on Student Services Online.

You can find the indicative deadlines for changing enrolments at the bottom of the page.

If you are experiencing any difficulty with the above, see Issues with Enrolment.

Swap a course

You can swap a course you’re enrolled in for another one, while keeping your place in the original course until you finish the swap.


  1. Sign into Student Services Online
  2. Click the 'Manage Classes' icon
  3. Click on 'Swap Course'
  4. Select from your enrolled courses
  5. Select the term (semester) of the class you want to edit
  6. Select a course to swap from the drop-down list of courses you're enrolled in for the term you selected. Select the course you want to swap out of
  7. Do one of the following to begin enrolling in the course you want to swap into: 
    1. Search for the course using class search 
    2. Search for a course from your programme requirements 
    3. Select from the list of courses in your enrolment cart - if there are any in it 
    4. Enter the five-digit number of a class from the course - if you know it

Drop a course

You can drop a course online, until the deadlines for changing your enrolment.

If you have questions about changing your enrolment and the deadline has passed, please: 


  1. Sign into Student Services Online.
  2. Click on the 'Manage Classes' icon
  3. Click 'Drop Courses' 
  4. Select the course(s) that you want to drop and click 'next'
  5. Check that you have selected the correct course(s) you want to drop
  6. Click on the green 'Drop Courses' button 
  7. Confirm your selection 
  8. View the results 

Edit a course

If you only want to change your tutorial, lab or workshop, you can Edit your course.


  1. Sign into Student Services Online.
  2. Click on the 'Manage Classes' icon 
  3. Click on 'Edit Course' 
  4. Select the term (semester) of the class you want to edit and click 'continue' 
  5. Select the course you want to edit from a drop-down list of courses you're enrolled in for the term you selected 
  6. Select a new tutorial, lab or workshop from a list for that course. 
  7. Confirm your selection and decide whether you want to waitlist if the class is full 
  8. View the results 

Late enrolment

A late enrolment is when you add a course after the deadline for changing your enrolment.

Think carefully before seeking approval to enrol late. If you enrol late in a course, this means you are also enrolling after the deletion deadline. So if you decide not to continue in that course, you may not be able to delete the course from your record or receive a refund of fees.


If you're experiencing exceptional circumstances that are impacting your ability to study, you may be able to apply for a late deletion.

A withdrawal is when you drop a course after the deadline for changing your enrolment and you're not experiencing exceptional circumstances. 

If you're considering withdrawing from a course, think this decision through carefully and seek help and advice before proceeding. 

Indicative deadlines for changing your enrolment

Please note:

  • The following are the standard deadlines for changing enrolment in courses that have standard semester/quarter dates
  • Courses with non-standard start/end dates will have different deadlines for changing enrolment
  • The official deadlines for changing enrolment for individual courses can be found through Student Services Online

For details on the start dates for the terms noted below, please see Important dates.

Semester/Quarter   Deadline for adding courses Deadline for deleting courses with refund of fees Deadline for withdrawing from or substituting courses
Summer School 10 January 2024 10 January 2024
2 February 2024
Semester One 8 March 2024 8 March 2024 17 May 2024
Semester Two 26 July 2024 26 July 2024 27 September 2024
Double-semester (A and B) - Semester One start 8 March 2024 30 March 2024 27 September 2024
Double-semester (A and B) – Semester Two start 26 July 2024 14 August 2024 16 May 2025
Late Year Term
10 December 2024 10 December 2024
8 February 2025
Quarter One 19 January 2024 19 January 2024 1 March 2024
Quarter Two 19 April 2024 19 April 2024 31 May 2024
Quarter Three 12 July 2024 12 July 2024 23 August 2024
Quarter Four 4 October 2024 4 October 2024 15 November 2024

For further information on changes to enrolment, please see Enrolment and Programme Regulations.

Seeking advice

If you're experiencing any issues with your enrolment, please see Issues with Enrolment.

If you're thinking about withdrawing from your courses or wanting to enrol late, we recommend that you visit Student Hubs for advice.