Issues with enrolment

This information is to help you navigate enrolment issues you might encounter during the first three weeks of Semester One and Two. This information does not apply to enrolment(s) in Summer School, Quarters, or double-semester courses as the deadlines for changing enrolment are different.

Please be aware of the enrolment deadlines as stated at When to enrol and changing enrolment.

For more guidance after the enrolment deadline, please see Changing your enrolment after the enrolment deadline

Week One of semester

During Week One, you can change your enrolments online through Student Services Online (SSO). You can also submit a concession request if needed.

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Week Two of semester

During Week Two, you can usually still make changes to your enrolment if needed. Please see When to enrol and changing your enrolment.

However, if you are unable to self-enrol during Week Two for any reason, you cannot submit an concession to request enrolment into a course. The online concession request process closes on the Friday of the first week of semester.

If you are experiencing any issues attempting to self-enrol into a course(s) in Week Two:

  • Try and find courses where you know you will meet all the requirements and prerequisites
  • Try enrolling in a different stream if your chosen class is full, or your enrolment results in a timetable clash
  • If you are attempting to enrol in a General Education course that is full, results in a timetable clash, or has prerequisites that you do not meet,  then you will need to find an alternative course

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If you still need of additional support, for example if the course you are attempting to enrol in is a core component of your degree, visit your nearest Student Hub to discuss your enrolment and any options that might be available.

For more information, see Student Hubs

Week Three of semester

From Week Three, changes to your enrolment are usually restricted to withdrawals, or late deletions in that semester.

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If you need to make any changes to your enrolment, or have any issues impacting your study, please visit your nearest Student Hub for guidance and advice. 

For more information, see Student Hubs

Late changes to enrolment at this point may negatively impact your progress and eventual success in a course, so should be considered carefully. Depending on capacity, if you drop a course at this stage it may also not be possible to enrol into an alternative course.