Timetable clash

A timetable clash means that you have a class (or stream) clash in your chosen courses. An example of this type of message is:

  • 'You cannot add this course due to a timetable clash with class XXXX.'

How to avoid a timetable clash

There are a few ways you can avoid a timetable clash:

  • See whether there is a different stream, course, or combination of courses, you could enrol in to avoid a clash. The clash could be due to your current timetable of enrolled courses, which could be taken in a different time
  • See if the course is offered in another semester during the year instead
  • Check which component (e.g. lecture, tutorial) is clashing, and whether they occur on the same weeks

If you’re a Māori or Pacific student, you may be able to enrol in a Tuākana stream. For more information, please see Tuākana.

You can use the Timetable Planner in Student Services Online (SSO) to help create a clash-free timetable. You can learn how by visiting the Enrolling using Timetable Planner page.

Remember that your core/major courses should take priority over your elective or General Education courses. You can find out what courses are required by following the instructions on the How to view your programme requirements page.

Applying for an enrolment concession

You may apply for a concession where there is a timetable clash between a lecture and another lecture, lab, tutorial, or other type of class.

Timetable clashes between Lab/Lab or Lab/Tutorial classes will not be considered.

Please note there may be faculty specific requirements which may affect the assessment of your concession request.

Make sure you give detailed information about where and what your timetable clash is to help us make the best decision on your concession application.

All students must aim for a clash-free timetable. It is not a ‘given’ that timetable clashes will be approved. There may be other restrictions on whether your concession application will be approved.

For more information, please see How to apply for an Enrolment Concession.

What will happen if my enrolment concession is approved?

You will need to attend the practical/attendance required class, e.g., your scheduled tutorial/lab/studio rather than the clashing lecture and watch the recordings of lectures.

It is your responsibility to catch up on content that you have missed online. Please be aware that while the lecture recordings are made available via Canvas the University does not guarantee the release of all lecture recordings.

You should contact your course coordinator to ensure that there are no in class assessments that you will be missing.

Once you’re enrolled, you can find your course coordinator’s details on Canvas.

For more help

If you need more help, you can: