How to apply for an enrolment concession

When enrolling, if you receive an enrolment error message, you may be able to apply for a concession. This may be needed for a number of different reasons such as:

  • Not meeting the course prerequisites*
  • A timetable clash
  • You want to repeat a course for the third time
  • A class is full, and it is required for your degree

If you do not meet the requirements to enrol in a course, you can request an enrolment concession through Student Services Online.

Before you apply for a concession, please ensure you have tried enrolling in your courses by following the instructions online. For more information, please see our How to enrol in a course page.

*If you have met the course prerequisites at another institution, you may still receive an error message stating you do not meet these prerequisites. If this is your situation, please apply for a concession.

Step-by-step instructions

If you have followed the instructions to enrol and receive an error message, you may be able to apply for a concession.


  1. If you receive an enrolment error message, and you can apply for an enrolment concession, the ‘Concession’ button will appear*
  2. Click the green 'Concession' button to apply for an enrolment concession
  3. Click on the select button to change from 'no' to 'yes' to select a course and apply for an enrolment concession 
  4. Select the concession reason that best matches your circumstances from the drop-down list
  5. It is important that you enter any additional comments to support your application in the space provided. This may help to process your concession more quickly
  6. Click the green 'Submit' button. Your concession request has been submitted for review

*Please note that you can only apply for a concession if the green concession button appears. Not all courses allow concessions as some courses are may not be available or do not allow for exceptions when enrolling.

Please be aware

  • Concession requests may be declined
  • Concessions may not be approved for some courses
  • You are only able to submit one concession request per course
  • Preference will be given to students majoring in that subject
  • GPA may also be taken into consideration when your request is being looked at

Enrolment concessions should be submitted as early as possible. The deadline for applying for a concession is the first Friday of the semester or quarter you are intending to enrol in.

For more information, please see Important dates.

Concession types

A concession type is the reason why you may be needing to apply for a concession for your chosen course. This can include:

  • Timetable clashes
  • Class full
  • (Pre)requisites not met
  • Department consent
  • Exceed enrolment limit
  • Third time repeat

Awaiting an outcome

The normal turnaround time for processing enrolment concession requests is 10 working days (2 weeks).

Please note that while we aim to process all enrolment concessions in a timely manner, at times it can take longer due to:

  • Busy periods, especially before the start of semester
  • Further information being required
  • Further assessment being needed by staff, this may include academic staff members
  • Needing to wait for space to open in the course

We suggest that you consider enrolling in a different class while you wait for the outcome of your concession request. This gives you a back-up option if your request is declined.

My enrolment concession has been approved, what do I need to do now?

Once your enrolment concession request has been considered, you will get an email confirming whether it has been approved or declined. If it is approved, you will be enrolled by the University.

After applying for a concession, you can remove your chosen course from your enrolment cart through Student Services Online.

Request to resubmit a withdrawn concession

If you accidentally withdraw your concession request and want to resubmit your concession, you will need to contact us. You cannot resubmit your concession online.

For help or more information

If you need help in applying for a concession, or have questions about the outcome of your concession request, you can: