Applying for an enrolment concession

There are different reasons you may need an enrolment concession such as not meeting the prerequisites, a timetable clash, you're repeating the course for the third time or the class is full and it is required for your degree.

Under each enrolment outcome heading, you can read the guidelines for when to submit a concession.

At the end of the page are instructions for how you can request a concession.

Requisites not met

Apply for a concession if:

  • departmental consent is required to enrol.
  • you are an Exchange, Study Abroad or Transferring Student and believe you have completed the equivalent prerequisite course/s at your prior institution.

Timetable clash

Apply for a concession if you have tried other streams and there is no alternative and:

  • your cumulative GPA is greater than or equal to 4
  • the lectures are longer than one hour each
  • the clash is no more than one hour out of three
  • you will not be enrolled in 5 courses for that semester
  • neither course is being repeated.

Consult your faculty if you have tried other streams and there is no alternative and:

  • clash is for Summer School.
  • clash is with a 700 LVL course.
  • you’re under any restrictions.
  • you’re in your first year of tertiary study
  • either course is a core course for your major, minor or specialisation
  • one of the courses is Law Part 2 or 3.

Third Time Repeat

Apply for concession if there are no viable alternatives to complete.

Class Full

Apply for concession if you’re in your final semester of enrolment and the course is required to complete.

How to apply for an enrolment concession


  1. Sign into Student Services Online.
  2. Click on the 'Enrol' icon
  3. Click on the 'Enrolment Cart' button
  4. Add required courses to your enrolment cart 
  5. Click the 'Validate choice(s)' button to check for enrolment errors
  6. Review enrolment error messages. You may be able to apply for an enrolment concession for courses showing an enrolment error. Click Return to Enrolment Cart 
  7. Re-select your class(es) 
  8. Read the Terms and Conditions and then select I Accept 
  9. Click on the green 'Confirm Enrolment' button to complete your enrolment request 
  10. The Concessions button will be activated if you are able to submit an enrolment concession request for the listed course(s) 
  11. Click the green 'Concessions' button to apply for an enrolment concession. The Apply for a concession page will appear, showing the course(s) that can be submitted 
  12. Click on the select button to change from 'no' to 'yes' to select a course and apply for an enrolment concession 
  13. Select the concession reason that matches your circumstances from the drop-down list
  14. Enter any additional comments to support your application in the space provided 
  15. Click the green 'Submit' button. Your concession request has been submitted to the faculty for review  

Note: If you are studying a programme under the Faculty of Science, please see Enrolment concessions for Faculty of Science students

Deadlines for enrolment concessions

To find out the last date to submit an enrolment concession, visit Deadlines for changing your enrolment.