Enrolment concessions

You may need to apply for an enrolment concession for a number of different reasons.

You can use the information on this page to direct you to the right place for what you're looking for around enrolment concessions.

For more information, see Issues with Enrolment

How to apply for an enrolment concession

You can apply for an enrolment concession online through Student Services Online.

For more information, please see:

How to check the status of your concession

Your active concessions and any updates to them will be displayed in the 'My Concessions' tile in Student Services Online. Here, staff assessing your concession request will provide updates and outcomes for you to view.

To check the status of your concession, follow the instructions below:

My Concessions tile in Student Services Online
  • Your active concessions and their status are listed here. For more information, click 'Details'.
Active concessions in Student Services Online
  • Here you will find detailed information about your concession request including comments left by staff working on your concession request in the 'Department and Faculty Comments' section.
Details section of My Concession Request

Concession type

A concession type is the reason why you may be needing to apply for a concession for your chosen course. This can include: 

  • Timetable clashes
  • Class full
  • (Pre)requisites not met
  • Department consent
  • Exceed enrolment limit
  • Third time repeat

What to do if your concession is declined

If you're enrolment concession is declined, you can seek help around what you can do for your programme.