Enrolling using Timetable Planner

Timetable Planner is a handy way to enrol and create a timetable that fits your schedule.

To use the Timetable Planner tool, simply log in through Student Services Online.

You’ll then be able to choose the courses you want to enrol in, block out time in your schedule for other commitments and view a selection of clash-free timetables that you can choose from.

Cohort students

If you are studying:

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Year 1)
  • Bachelor of Science (majoring in Biomedical Science) (Year 1)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Year 1)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Year 1, Semester One)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Part I)

You can use Timetable Planner to enrol in the selected classes for your programme. Information about which cohort to select will be emailed to you after you have accepted your offer of admission.

A step-by-step guide to cohort enrolment is available further down this page.

How to use Timetable Planner

  1. Sign into Student Services Online and select the ‘Enrol’ icon. Choose ‘Add Classes with,’ then ‘Timetable Planner’
  2. Choose the semester, and click ‘Timetable Planner’

Find Schedule

  1. Click ‘Add Course’
  2. Choose the Subjects and Courses you want, selecting ‘Add Course’ for each. Select Done to return to the main screen.
  3. Optional: Click ‘Add Break’ to include any blocks for your own use. Enter break name, start and end times, and days. Use the ‘Add Break’ button to return to main screen
  4. Click generate timetables and view/select to see a timetable

To finalise your enrolments, skip to Step Three in How to enrol.

Useful tips when using Timetable Planner

Tip 1: Timetable Planner allows you to include or exclude time/day options from the timetable suggestions. In the Courses table, click Options for your chosen course, change the time/day, and click Save and Close before generating timetables.

Tip 2: If you're an international student overseas, please see Enrolling in courses for those affected by border restrictions. If you're a domestic student overseas or are not eligible to come onto campus, enrol normally and email recordsmaintenance@auckland.ac.nz to have your enrolments moved online. For more information, please see Online courses.

Tip 3: If there is a particular stream you like, you can lock this into all viewed timetables. Click the open padlock next to the title of the class you want when you view/select a timetable.

Cohort enrolment using Timetable Planner

In addition to the standard enrolment process, Timetable Planner also is used to support the enrolment for a select number of programmes.

  1. When in Timetable Planner, click ‘Add Course’ and select ‘Cohort’
  2. Click ‘Add Course’ and ‘Done’
  3. Generate timetable and view/select a timetable
  4. Confirm enrolment

You will receive an email containing more detail information about how to enrol through cohort on Timetable Planner.