Enrolling in Biomedical Science

Now you’ve been accepted into the Biomedical Science major, here’s some handy information about enrolling.

Is Biomedical Science for you?

The BSc (Biomedical Science) programme is designed for very able students.

It is particularly great to study if you have an interest in:

  • Emerging areas of medical science
  • Applications to improve human and animal health.

Biomedical Science is also one of the pathways to the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) programme.

BSc (Biomedical Science) Enrolment for 2019

Application deadline for BSc (Biomedical Science) is 8 December 2018. NO LATE APPLICATIONS will be considered.

Please note: This information is for students who are beginning their Biomedical Science specialisation in 2019.

Below is a list of courses students must enrol in and enrolments must follow as indicated. Students cannot enrol to PHYSICS 160 in Semester One and CHEM 110 in Semester Two. The timetable is set to ensure that all students follow the sequence outlined below.

Semester One

  • BIOSCI 107 Biology for Biomedical Science: Cellular Processes and Development
  • CHEM 110 Chemistry of the Living World
  • Year 1 Elective: STATS 101 or 108; if your intention is to apply to the MBChB programme, enrol to POPLHLTH 111

General Education

1 x General Education: Your General Education course is the last that you select. You must be enrolled in the above courses before selecting this. Please visit the General Education page.

On the General Education page, select the ‘Engineering, Medical and Health Sciences, Science’ schedule.

Semester Two

  • BIOSCI 101 Essential Biology: From Genomes to Organisms
  • BIOSCI 106 Foundations of Biochemistry
  • PHYSICS 160 Physics for the Life Sciences
  • MEDSCI 142 Biology for Biomedical Science: Organ Systems

How to enrol

First year

To complete your enrolment, you must enrol into your courses for both Semester One and Two via Timetable Planner using the Cohort programme functionality.
This allows you to enrol in a predetermined set pattern of classes. This will ensure that you are allocated a clash-free timetable for the whole year. We recommend that you enrol for both Semester One and Semester Two at the same time.
Unfortunately the cohorts may not always be able to accommodate all of a student’s personal commitments. However students must enrol in a Cohort and cannot enrol in courses individually. Students who attempt to enrol in courses individually will be dropped from all courses and asked to enrol in an available Cohort. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign into Student Services Online. Choose the Enrol icon and go to Add classes with Timetable Planner.
  2. Select the Term (Semester) you want and select the green Timetable Planner button.
  3. Choose the Add Course button and choose the Search by Cohort tab.
  4. Under Programme, select your programme Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science).
  5. Under Cohort choose the correct Cohort option i.e, 'BIOMED 1 Cohort' or ‘BIOMED 2 Cohort’ for MBCHB/Pharmacy/Optometry. You will then get a preview of a timetable for that cohort pattern.
    Note: if you are NOT intending to apply for Medical Imaging, Medicine, Pharmacy or Optometry after Year One, select BIOMED 1 Cohort. POPLHLTH 111 is not included in this Cohort. You can choose to enrol in STATS 101 or another Science course instead.
  6. To view alternative timetable combinations, select a different option within that Cohort programme.
  7. Select Add if this is the preferred timetable.
    Note: When enrolling for Semester One, to add your General Education course, OR Academic English Language Requirement (AELR) course, go to the By Subject tab, select Subject, Course and choose Add Course.
  8. Select Done to return to the home page.
  9. Select Generate Timetables to see a detailed view of the timetable and choose View/Submit.
  10. Select Send to Enrolment Cart.
  11. Accept the Terms and Conditions and choose Confirm Enrolment.

If you are not intending on transferring Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Honours), Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Optometry and Bachelor of Pharmacy, you may study Biomedical Science on a part-time basis. Part-time students cannot enrol using a Cohort and can select individual courses.

Making changes

If you are already enrolled, and try to drop your courses to select another timetable pattern, you will receive a message asking to contact the Faculty of Science Student Centre. The Science Student Centre can drop your current cohort, but you will only be able to enrol in cohorts which still have spaces available.

In the event of exceptional circumstances that require you to change your chosen Cohort pattern, please contact us.

Email: scifac@auckland.ac.nz

(Use the subject heading ‘Change BIOMED Cohort Pattern’).

Second and third year

To complete your enrolment, please consult the Biomedical Science degree planner. Please choose the appropriate courses through Timetable Planner. You do not need to use the Timetable Planner Cohort functionality to enrol in your courses.