Science Ambassadors Programme

Be a champion for community connection, personal development and academic success.


Science Ambassadors is a voluntary programme for first-year Science students aimed at enabling academic success, community connection and personal development.

What's involved?

Science Ambassadors work with programme leaders and advisers to help first-year students to settle in socially. As an ambassador, your responsibilities include:

  • Assisting to promote the programme.
  • Nurturing an environment for positive student experience and academic achievement.
  • Fostering an environment that is inclusive of diverse backgrounds.
  • Gathering student feedback and participating in evaluations.
  • Communicating any issues or concerns with Student Engagement Advisers.

Benefits of being a Science Ambassador

  • Develop your communication and teamwork skills.
  • Add volunteer experience to your CV.
  • Engage and connect with fellow first-year science students.
  • Receive a letter of recommendation at the end of the year.
  • Get involved in the Co-curricular Recognition Programme.


  • Commit to 40 hours of volunteering (including training) over the year.
  • Attend training day on Saturday 16 March 2024 at the City Campus.
  • Help at academic and social engagement events.
  • Be aware of and up to date about events, university services, and clubs.

Join the 2024 Programme:

Apply by Sunday 10 March 2024 to volunteer to be a Science Ambassador for your major.

Contact us

During the first week of semester one, Smart Start Week, the Science Ambassador Leaders will be in the science foyer from 10am to 2pm. This is a great chance to meet the leaders, ask questions and learn more about university services available during your studies.

For more information follow the Science Ambassadors Programme Facebook page or contact the Student Experience Advisers.