Enrolling in the Bachelor of Nursing

We know that enrolling in your Bachelor of Nursing can be confusing. You can use the information on this page to help you with enrolling into your courses for the whole year.

It is important to know that enrolling is different depending on if you’re enrolling for the Bachelor of Nursing as a single or conjoint degree.

There is a section for both on this page.

When enrolling, we recommend that you:

  • Enrol in your courses for both Semester One and Two. This is to avoid missing out on a place in your courses
  • Enrol in Semester One first, then enrol into Semester Two
  • Enrol as soon as you accept your offer of place. This is to avoid missing out choosing a course time that best works for you

Please note, you must complete all the core Stage One Nursing courses before progressing to Stage Two Nursing.

Enrolling into Bachelor of Nursing as a single degree

You can use this information if you’re enrolling into a Bachelor of Nursing as a single degree. This means that you’re only studying a Bachelor of Nursing.

If you’re enrolling into your Bachelor of Nursing for the first time, you will enrol into your courses using Timetable Planner.

You will use the ‘Search by cohort’ process to select your courses.

A cohort means that your courses are pre-selected by your faculty to make sure you have a clash-free timetable.

Step-by-step enrolment steps

  1. Sign into Student Services Online
  2. Click the 'Enrol' icon, and go to 'Add classes with’
  3. Choose 'Timetable Planner' and select the semester you want before clicking the green 'Timetable Planner' button
  4. Click the 'Add Course' button and select the 'Search by Cohort' tab
    • Under 'Programme', choose your programme 'Bachelor of Nursing'
    • Under 'Cohort' choose a Cohort option. Look for 'BNURS Option XX'. You will be able to preview the timetable for your chosen cohort option
    • You can view other timetable combinations by choosing different cohort options
  5. Once you’re happy, click 'Add'
    • Please note, you can only add your General Education course or Academic English Language Requirement (AELR) course Semester One.* To enrol:
      • Select 'By Subject' tab
      • Select 'Subject' and 'Course'
      • Click 'Add Course'
  6. Click 'Done' to return to the main page for Timetable Planner
  7. Click 'Generate Timetables' to see a detailed view of the timetable and click 'View/Submit'
  8. Click 'Send to Enrolment Cart'
  9. Accept the Terms and Conditions and Click on 'Confirm Enrolment'

*You must choose your General Education course from either the:

Please note, you cannot take a General Education course in the same subject. For example, taking BIOSCI 107 as an elective, you cannot choose BIOSCI 100G as a General Education course.

This applies to:

  • BIOSCI – Biological Sciences
  • MEDSCI – Medical Science
  • POPLHLTH – Population Health

If you're asked to complete an approved AELR course in the first 12 months of your studies, you can check out the list of approved courses at Academic English Language Requirement.

Please note:

  • If you’re transferring from another university and have been approved for a credit transfer of your previously courses, you will need to enrol in your courses individually using the ‘By subject’ tab
  • If you’re enrolling in your Nursing courses through ‘By subject,’ please make sure you select the Nursing-specific streams. A stream means that the classes have been specifically set aside for students studying a Bachelor of Nursing. For more information, please see How to enrol in a course

Enrolling into Bachelor of Nursing as a conjoint degree

You can use this information if you’re enrolling into the Bachelor of Nursing as a conjoint degree.

A conjoint degree is when you are completing both a Bachelor of Nursing and another undergraduate programme.

There are three conjoint degrees available where you can study a Bachelor of Nursing:

  • Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences/Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)/Bachelor of Nursing

Webinar date: TBA.


If you’re a school-leaver, you can watch our webinar on enrolling into Bachelor of Nursing conjoint degrees. You will find out information to discuss your degree and advice about enrolling in your Nursing courses.

A school-leaver means you have completed your last year at a New Zealand high school (or international equivalent) and are entering University for the first time in 2023. 


If you were accepted into a Bachelor of Nursing conjoint degree through the alternative pathway, you may have discussed your enrolments during your interview.

You can use the webinar to know about which Nursing courses you need to enrol into.

You will need to enrol into your courses using Student Services Online.


Please note that the University may not be able to accommodate your personal commitments in the available cohort options. This is because we work to ensure that you have access to clash-free timetables.


Join us for the Nursing Orientation Day for undergraduate students!

  • Date: TBA
  • Time: TBA
  • Location: TBA – University of Auckland

Nursing Undergraduate Workbook

Learn more about what your year in the Bachelor of Nursing looks like by reading your Nursing Undergraduate Workbook.*

*There will be minimal changes, if any, made to the 2023 version.

Making changes

You can ask to have your cohort enrolments changed or withdrawn if you experience exceptional circumstances.

If you need to change or withdraw your enrolments, please email studentinfo@auckland.ac.nz.

Please include ‘Change of cohort enrolment request’ in the subject line of the email.

Need help

If you need help, we recommend that you visit your nearest Student Hub.

Student Hubs can help with:

  • Enrolling in your courses
  • Course advice
  • Questions about being a student at the University