(Pre)requisite not met

Many courses have specific requirements for enrolment:

  • Prerequisite: A course or number of points you must have passed before you can enrol in a course. If you haven’t successfully completed a prerequisite, you can’t enrol into this course online. For example: 'ECON 111 Prerequisite: ECON 101' means you cannot enrol into ECON 111 without having passed ECON 101 first.
  • Corequisite: A course you must take in the same semester as another course (unless you have previously passed the corequisite). For example: 'PSYCH 757 Corequisite: PSYCH 651' means that you have to be enrolled in both PSYCH 651 AND PSYCH 757 or have passed PSYCH 651 previously.
  • Restriction: A course which is so similar to another that you cannot take them both. For example: 'MGMT 101 Restriction: MGMT 191', means you cannot enrol in MGMT 101 if you are enrolled in or have been enrolled in MGMT 191.

Please note, if you have completed a course that is the same as a prerequisite course at another institution, you will need to apply for a concession.

Course(s) you have completed will be assessed and if they are considered equivalent, you will be able to enrol.

How to avoid

Make sure you have completed the right courses for your programme.

If the course you are attempting to enrol into is a requirement for your degree or major and you do not meet the prerequisite or GPA requirement, try to enrol into the prerequisite courses first.

Helpful resources:

Avoid disappointment by making sure the courses you want to take will help you complete your degree.

You don’t want to find out later that they do not fit the degree requirements and cannot be counted.

Applying for a concession

It is important to note that some courses will not waive the prerequisite requirement.

For more information see How to apply for an enrolment concession.

For more help

If you need help, you can: