How to structure your programme

Many of our study programmes require you to select from a wide range of courses, offering more flexibility in your study choices.

All programme pages include quick facts and some include a sample degree structure diagram to show how you might achieve your degree, or extra information about how the degree is structured.

Points and courses

Your degree programme will probably consist of 120 points of full-time study per academic year. A 3-year degree involves 360 points, a 4-year degree involves 480 points and so on. Each programme page lists the number of points you need to achieve.

Most full-time students study 8 courses worth 10-30 points each per academic year. As a general rule, the fewer courses you study the greater the points value per course.

Majors and specialisations

You may have to choose a specialisation or a single or double major. This will be the focus of a large proportion of your degree programme as you study your chosen area to the most advanced undergraduate stage. Each programme page provides a list of majors and specialisations where applicable.

Sample degree structures

Your degree will be divided into years or parts, depending what you are studying. Some degrees are also divided into stages, indicating the level of study within the degree.

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How your work will be assessed

Assessment methods vary according to your course. Assignments and/or tests and/or practical work during the semester almost always contribute to your end-of-semester grade. Some courses are entirely assessed by semester coursework, but most combine coursework and a final exam.

Our degrees are unique

A unique feature of University of Auckland degree programmes is the General Education component. You choose one or two courses from a wide variety of subjects beyond your usual field of study, ensuring you receive a well-rounded education.

These courses give you a greater understanding of New Zealand and its place in the world. You will mix with other students and be exposed to cross-disciplinary research opportunities.

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