Course choice for first year undergraduate enrolment

Most programmes provide a useful guide for choosing courses and structuring your study through Student Services Online.

For more information, see How to view your programme requirements.

Arts and Science

If you are studying the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science, then the first year is all about discovering what path you want to follow.

Browse through the relevant faculty website or relevant faculty handbook and see which subjects interest you.

You may want to take subjects you have enjoyed at school and/or you may want to try something new.

You can find useful guides for these programmes online:

Engineering, Commerce, and Health Sciences

If you are studying the Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Commerce, or Bachelor of Health Science, then you may have the majority of your course already planned out for you.

You need to check your faculty website or handbook and enrol into the appropriate courses.

You can also refer to guides we have available:

Teaching, Physical Education, and Social Work

If you are studying in a Faculty of Education and Social Work (EDSW) programme, such as the Bachelor of Education (Teaching), Bachelor of Physical Education or Bachelor of Social Work, most of your first year is planned out for you already.

You can find guides for your EDSW course enrolment at our Planning your study page.

Architecture, Dance Studies, Fine Arts, and Music

If you are studying a Creative Arts and Industries (CAI) programme, such as a Bachelor of Architecture, Planning, Dance Studies, Fine Arts or Music, you can find a degree planner at our Degree planning page.

General Education

General Education courses are a requirement of most undergraduate degrees, and allow you to study courses outside of your programme or major.

To find out more, see General Education.

Need help

If you need help with choosing your first year courses, you can visit your nearest Student Hub