Institutions like governments and religions can empower the vulnerable and/or discriminate and attack. We study collective actions and categories: their causes, effects and resistance.

We interrogate global colonisation and Indigenous responses to it and, taking a critical stance within academia, we work to decolonise research itself.

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We have numerous experts in feminist theories and/or topics from institutional discrimination to identity expression, including transgender and masculinities.

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Much of our research touches on the perennially important and fascinating topic of power dynamics and hierarchies, between states, classes, and individuals.

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In this world of limited resources and competing interests, we develop and assess policy aims, tools, design and implementation from public health to economics.

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We study religious beliefs, action and cultural impacts from Shinto, Asian Christianity, ancient Egyptian myths and critical theology to philosophy of religion.

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We research human rights and global and national distributions of opportunities, economic wealth, and social privileges — and oppression and risks.

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We study the causes, acts and representations of humans purposely causing harm to humans, such as war, genocide, terrorism, rape, family violence and coercion.

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We study a wide array of youth experiences and issues including education, crime, sex, social media, culture, mental health, politics, migration and sport.

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Professor Tim Dare makes a difference by helping government agencies make informed decisions on privacy, human rights, and ethical risks.

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Dr Melissa Inouye's research shows how members of religious communities aren't passive consumers of beliefs, but use their agency to shape religious practice.

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Dr Tiopira McDowell explains the importance of the archives — and working for the 'other side' — in unsettling official myths about Māori-Crown relations.

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The PPI provides independent analysis and insight into key policy issues affecting New Zealand and the world.

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We combine macro and micro knowledges — getting down to the nitty-gritty and zooming out for the larger picture — to develop understandings of life.

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People make, shape and break physical and political locations — and vice versa. We study kaitiakitanga, disaster recovery, health and migration — old and new.

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Narratives help us to explain events, actions and motivations with a beginning, middle and end. We study the stories of others and create our own.

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