Arts internship programme

The Arts internship programme gives third year BA and BC students an opportunity to gain real-world workplace experience as part of your degree.

Get ahead before you graduate

Students accepted to the programme will undertake an internship in the workforce. You’ll complete a set project for your organisation and the accompanying university coursework.

The programme operates as a standard, 15-point course and is a valuable opportunity to gain workplace experience, make connections and develop professional skills.

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Make sure you check out the Internships and careers in Arts video.

How does the programme work?

  • Worth one 15-point course at Stage III – it will be credited as CAREER 300 or COMMS 307 (for Communication students)
  • Work required: 
    • 80-hour project in the workplace.
    • 10 – 12 hours of coursework (6 classes, either via Zoom or in-person).
  • Internship projects come from a range of industries, including media, public relations, advertising, broadcasting, and corporate communication.
  • Enrolment numbers are limited and not all every student will be accepted. See the application process below for more details.

Internships may not follow the usual University calendar, so students accepted into the programme will work out a project timeline with your workplace mentor and the course organiser. You might complete the project during the breaks instead of during the semester, go into your organisation 1-2 days a week for a longer period of time, or work for a shorter, more intensive block.

How does the application process work?


  • Find an internship you’re interested in. You can browse available projects here or reach out to organisations yourself.
  • Once you’ve chosen a project, put together a CV specific to that opportunity.
  • Complete the online application, including submitting your CV.  

If your application is accepted

  • You’ll be invited to a pre-course session, where you’ll deliver a 2-minute pitch for your chosen project (even if you’re organising your own project).
  • Once you’ve completed the session and the course coordinators are happy with your pitch and CV, they’ll send your application to the organisation.
  • The organisation will arrange an interview with you.
  • If the interview is successful, you’ll be formally enrolled in CAREER 300/COMMS 307.

What are the benefits?

  • A range of new skills to boost your employability and enhance your CV
  • Real-life workplace experience in your area of interest
  • Connections – building a network of professional contacts  
  • References for future job applications  
  • A portfolio of work (e.g. pieces of writing, videos produced, social
    media campaigns)
  • Feedback and practice around CV-writing and interview skills  
  • The possibility of employment (part-time or full-time) with your chosen
    organisation. The organisations often use this experience to select high
    performing grad employees

Who do we work with?

Past organisation partners include:

  • Mango Communication (content marketing)
  • SkillsVR (content marketing)
  • Ensemble Magazine (online content creation)
  • TVNZ Re: (online digital news and media content creation)
  • DocEdge Festival (communications, digital content, and event management)
  • JunkRun (video production)
  • Netball NZ (published research project)
  • NZME (Tiktok campaign idea and planning)
  • Rainbow Youth (social media)
  • Restaurant Hub (writing & production)
  • The Spinoff (writing and interviewing)

See full list of past projects