Apply now

Complete an application for the Arts internship programme, CAREER 300/COMMS 307.

Important information

Enrolment is limited so applicants will be selected on the basis of GPA, application, supervisor support, and organisation availability. All applicants must have a minimum GPA of B+ (6.0)

Applications formally close two-three weeks before the start of each semester – the closing date for Semester Two 2021 internships is Friday 18 June.  However, it’s best to apply as early as possible as internships don’t run to University schedules and some may start before the semester.

Application steps

  1. Enroll in the “wait list” for CAREER 300 or COMMS 307 if you’re a Communication major
  2. We recommend you also enroll in a full semester's worth of courses in case your application is unsuccessful. If you’re accepted, you can withdraw from another course.
  3. Get a letter of support from an academic staff member. Download the letter template here and send to by closing date.
  4. Choose an internship project you’re interested in from the projects available page 
  5.  Put together a CV specific to your chosen internship - download a template and detailed instructions below.
  6. Complete an application form (including providing your CV and academic transcript)

You can either fill out an online form: CAREER 300 form (for non-comms students) COMMS 307  form (for comms majors) 

Or you can download and fill out the manual form here (can be used by comms and non-comms students) and email it and your attachments to

Once you've completed this process the course coordinators will be in touch let you know if your application is successful and if you can move on to the next stage.

What employers are looking for

  • A high level of initiative and self-direction
  • Motivation and drive, a can-do attitude
  • Creativity and new ideas
  • Curiosity and an open mind
  • Top notch communication – you can’t wait 4 days to respond to emails!
  • Self-learning: You may need to learn some new skills as part of the internship. E.g. Excel, Adobe, different social media platforms