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View the range of study options in Social Work and postgraduate programmes in Counselling and Community Leadership.

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Find out about our extensive range of workshops, courses and consultancy services.


Explore specialist te reo Māori teaching qualifications, Māori and indigenous education, and Māori-medium professional learning and development.

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Become a leader and innovator in the worlds of Sport, Health and Physical Education.

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Find out which programmes you are eligible to study as an international student.

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Campus Connections Aotearoa

Campus Connections Aotearoa is a programme at the faculty that involves student mentors and counsellors working with youth alienated from mainstream education.

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Barbara Oakley

Professor Barbara Oakley, the co-creator of the world's most popular online course on learning, is speaking on Epsom Campus on 1 May.

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Find out all you need to know about how you can take your study in education further at an information evening on Tuesday 21 May.

EU flags

Professor John Morgan takes on the challenge of making meaning out of Brexit.

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Discover a world of rewarding careers through postgraduate study in the social and community sector at our info evening on Thursday 23 May.


Meet Māori students who are studying at the faculty, find out about our support services and more.

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We pride ourselves on creating a warm and welcoming environment for Pasifika students.

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Find out about what we offer to study at each of our three campuses in Epsom, Manukau and Tai Tokerau.

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Find out about our range of support services including, learning support, financial support and support for LGTBTI students and staff.

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