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Find links to other centres, organisations, and resources within our research community.

Te Rourou Tātaritanga

The Informatics for Social Services and Wellbeing Programme is a data science research project, aiming to develop our national linked data, including the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI).

Te Pūnaha Matatini (TPM)

TPM is a Centre of Research Excellence within the University of Auckland. Its director, Professor Shaun Hendy, serves on COMPASS's Advisory Board, and we have collaborated in various areas.

A Better Start - E Tipu E Rea

A Better Start – E Tipu e Rea is a National Science Challenge that COMPASS is a part of. Overall it works with data aiming to help children, teenagers, and their families and whānau, to achieve the best possible starts in life.

Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI)

The IDI is Statistics New Zealand's latest and greatest data product. It links together data on individuals from a large range of sources, including the health system, work and income, the education system, and housing. The IDI has become a widely used resource, by both COMPASS and many of the other groups linked here.

Virtual Health Information Network (VHIN)

The VHIN comprises researchers, analysts, and other professionals working with health data to improve the wellbeing of New Zealanders. The website provides many useful resources specifically for working with Statistics New Zealand's Integrated Data Infrastructure, and the network offers day courses in that area as well.

Burden of Disease Epidemiology, Equity, and Cost-Effectiveness Programme (BODE³)

The BODE³ conducts simulation work similar to the efforts of COMPASS, to build capacity in modelling health sector interventions and assess their various impacts.

Independent Māori Statutory Board (IMSB)

The IMSB is responsible for advancing the interests of Māori in Auckland, by way of promoting important issues to the Auckland Council. COMPASS has collaborated with them on some work to these ends using the IDI.

International Social Survey Programme (ISSP)

The ISSP is an effort by roughly 45 countries to conduct comparable surveys in areas of social science interest every year. Professor Phil Gendall of Massey University contributed to this body of research from 1991 until his retirement in 2010. COMPASS took on responsibility for the surveys in 2013, and curates the storage of the data for the historical series for New Zealand within the University of Auckland's Figshare repository.

New Zealand Election Study (NZES)

The NZES has run after each general election in New Zealand since 1990. Since 2011 COMPASS has taken responsibility for administering the survey and curating the data sets. The NZES website offers information on each election, along with the questionnaires and data sets as they become available. COMPASS also curates these through Figshare and uses the data with students in research methods teaching

National Institute for Health Innovation (NIHI)

The NIHI is based within the School of Population Health of the University of Auckland. It tests innovative approaches to preventing disease and improving people's health.