Prepare for a career teaching English to speakers of other languages by studying TESOL.

Subject overview

Teaching English to speakers of other languages is a fast-growing discipline. It opens up many career options and opportunities. We offer a variety of courses as part of the TESOL major, which helps you develop a good understanding of English/second language learning and teaching from various perspectives. You can learn how to analyse language, how people (adults and young learners) learn languages, and how to teach languages effectively. You can also gain skills to plan, teach and assess interactive lessons, materials and tasks for both adult and young learners. Later stages involve studying how to develop a curriculum, how to incorporate tasks in language teaching and the use of technology. You can study TESOL as a Bachelor of Arts major and also in the Bachelor of Education.

You will gain skills and knowledge related to the following:

Courses in TESOL

Where can TESOL take you?

A degree in TESOL will prepare you for a range of career options, including language education consultancy, curriculum development, educational leadership, policy advisory, teaching in international schools and supporting speakers of other languages in community settings. After graduating with BEd or BA(TESOL), you can complete an additional one-year programme that qualifies you to teach in a New Zealand primary or secondary school. Career opportunities for TESOL graduates include:

  • Being an English language teacher in adult language institutes and colleges or primary or secondary schools outside New Zealand
  • Teaching English in various socio-cultural contexts and getting valuable experience
  • Working as an educational administrator and TESOL/ESOL programme director
  • Employment within Government positions related to second language provision

Career options with Education and Social Work degree

Career options with an Arts degree

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How can we improve intercultural communication and understanding?

Some of our lecturers discuss how you can become a more informed local and global citizen by studying another language.