Undergraduate study in TESOL

You can choose to study TESOL through either a Bachelor of Arts majoring in TESOL, or a Bachelor of Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

What can you study in TESOL?

Bachelor of Arts majoring in TESOL

A BA majoring in TESOL will equip you with concepts and skills that you can later develop through a teacher training qualification. You can combine your TESOL study with another complementary BA major.

You will develop an understanding of English and second language learning from a language teaching perspective. You will first develop your skills and knowledge in language analysis, language teaching and learning.

You will then build on this foundation by exploring the principles and practices of designing and delivering language teaching tasks, lessons and courses.

Bachelor of Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

A BEd(TESOL) provides you with the skills and knowledge to become an expert teacher of English to speakers of other languages. It will develop your understanding of how learners learn and how to teach and assess them. 

You will gain a deep, holistic understanding of teaching and learning, and the fields that inform them. You will also be taught up-to-the-minute, interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to excel at teaching English and supporting learners, whether adults or children.

You will use the latest digital teaching tools and be taught how to harness technology to ensure your classes are interactive and collaborative. You will also take part in two supervised work placements where you will observe TESOL teaching, and have the chance to explore this further in an inquiry-based course.

Structuring your study in TESOL

Bachelor of Arts majoring in TESOL

You can take a major in TESOL as one of your two BA majors (a double major). You will need to pass at least 120 points (eight courses) towards each of your majors, including at least 45 points (three courses) at Stage III.

BA courses in TESOL

Required courses

You must pass the following course as part of the BA major in TESOL: LANGTCHG 101.

Bachelor of Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

This three-year programme consists of 360 points of coursework, and you will usually complete 120 points per year. You will take courses in pedagogy, teaching and assessment; understanding learners and learning; and the theory and practice of education.

Each year includes two compulsory courses:

Year one

Year two

Year three

Scholarships and awards

Help and advice

Bachelor of Arts majoring in TESOL

For help with planning your BA and enrolling in your courses, please contact Student Hubs.

If you would like to find out more about studying TESOL as part of a BA, you can contact our Undergraduate Adviser.

Bachelor of Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

For any enquiries about the BEd(TESOL), please contact the Student Hubs.