Career options

Liggins graduates come from a wide range of backgrounds and go on to careers in research, clinical medicine, business and other areas.

As a Liggins Institute student, you’ll work alongside experts in your field, receive training in research and laboratory techniques, and benefit from presentation and networking opportunities at national and international conferences. All this will help help you establish a base for a career in biomedical research. It can also help you build research skills that will complement clinical practice or further study.

Practising clinicians

For practising clinicians, postgraduate study is a wonderful opportunity to spend time investigating your field of interest. Postgraduate study develops a range of analytical and problem solving skills, as well as building expertise in your chosen area.

Postdoctoral training

If you’re a recent graduate, you may want to consider a research position at the Liggins Institute. Many of our graduates stay on as postdoctoral fellows, which gives them the opportunity to become an independent researcher with international research networks.

Postdoctoral fellows are valued member of our research staff and are encouraged to develop their research profile and skills in teaching, supervising students, academic writing and presentations and funding applications.

If you are interested in postdoctoral research at the Liggins Institute, check our job opportunities or email the Director at