Supervision and facilities

You’ll have access to world-class research facilities and be guided by experienced and knowledgeable academic staff.


As a Liggins Institute student, you’ll be guided throughout your study by at least two supervisors who are experts in your field of interest from our research team. If you’re studying for a PhD, you may have additional advisers from complementary disciplines to ensure you have access to a range of ideas, expertise, resources and opportunities.


Your supervisors are trained by the University to make sure you receive useful and effective support. They will provide career advice, identify opportunities for you to present your research, and help you apply for travel grants and project funding. As a Liggins Institute student, you can also access the many University of Auckland support services and facilities.


You’ll have access to our well-equipped research laboratory, where we analyse samples generated by clinical trials and research projects. You’ll be able to use industry-proven mechanised assays, using Roche analysers, and cutting-edge specialised analyses utilising mass spectrometry or genomics platforms. The laboratory also has cell and tissue culture rooms, extensive histology facilities, and molecular biology devices.

On-site, we run a busy clinical research unit for studies involving pregnant women, babies and children. Here you’ll be able to carry out complex metabolic studies to monitor growth and development using equipment such as a DEXA scanner, PEA POD machine and vibration plate.

Offsite, there is a large animal research farm for studying sheep nutrition, health and reproductive biology.

All Liggins Institute postgraduate students have access to desk space and computers.