Research support team

The research support team provides assistance to researchers at every stage of their career.

Join the Liggins Institute as a researcher or doctoral student and you’ll benefit from a dedicated research support team who can help you access public grants and commercial funding. The Institute also receives philanthropic funding which can be used for specific projects and positions where needed.

Public good funding

For public good funding (internal and external) the research support team provides:

  • advice regarding the most appropriate funder before you start a submission for your project
  • regular research development meetings to critique proposed research ideas in a supportive environment
  • guest speakers with whom you can create professional collaborations and gain exposure to allied fields of research
  • dedicated research meetings for early career researchers who need greater support navigating the research process
  • opportunities to gain feedback on your research thesis and specific “how to” sessions covering development of an academic CV, funder eligibility etc.

Once an appropriate funding scheme has been identified, the research support team provides a thorough quality review of your intended submission. This includes development of a budget and assistance with the administration of contracts, recruitment of personnel and identification of suppliers.

Throughout the project, researchers receive assistance with contract/budget variations, funder reporting, expenditure advice and eventually the processes involved in closing the project.

If you need assistance with scholarships, travel and other smaller types of grant the research support team can also help. Start by contacting the Research Services Manager.