Postgraduate study in Cancer

With the University of Auckland ranked number one in the global University Impact Rankings, there’s never been a better time to pursue postgraduate study in cancer research right here in Aotearoa.


Radiotherapy, while an important treatment route for many cancers, doesn’t work for all patients. One approach to improve effectiveness is to combine it with radiosensitising drugs that make cancer cells more vulnerable to radiation by targeting their crucial growth and survival mechanisms.

Growth hormone is essential for normal health and development, but abnormal levels in tumours are implicated in the progression and spread of some cancers. Dr Jo Perry's lab has shown that an approach that blocks growth hormone signalling might be a novel radiosensitising strategy with the potential to improve outcomes for patients. Take part in this research and you could investigate different approaches for targeting hormone receptors and investigate the cancers most responsive to this treatment.


Dr Jo Perry (Endocrinology, cancer, growth factors, drug discovery)

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Projects available

Masters and doctoral projects are available to explore the following question:

  • Development of novel antagonists of the growth hormone receptor    

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How to apply

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