SUSTAIN 100G Sustainability and Us

SUSTAIN 100G | Open | City Campus | Semester Two 2021 | 15 points


What is sustainability? The course discusses what sustainability means, and its underpinning values, history and operation within complex physical systems. Students complete a group project to develop skills in collective decision making with a solution focus. Two sustainability issues, such as food and water, are discussed in depth.

Student Feedback

'Opened my eyes to a current world problem that we bypass as part of our normal routine.'

'The detail the lecturers went into was really helpful.' 

'The use of guest speakers was a great idea and really inspired me to research further and volunteer.' 

'Interactive, dynamic lectures with relevant real-world examples.' 

'I have honestly loved every aspect of this course. It definitely challenges the ideas and ways of interpreting information. Super useful to anyone looking to explore any degree program.'

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