SUSTAIN 100G Sustainability and Us

SUSTAIN 100G |Open Schedule | City Campus | Semester Two 2020 | 15 points


What is sustainability?

SUSTAIN 100G offers students an introduction to the ‘science’ and ‘art’ of sustainability with a focus on the organisational level and the contribution of small groups with diverse skills and a common purpose. We will discuss the meaning of  sustainability, the values which underpin it, and the role individuals and organisations play in creating solutions. Students will work in groups to investigate a sustainability issue on campus and design a solution, which they will present via a film, poster, presentation or model.


Test 20%
Group presentation 20%
Written assignment 20%

Exam 40% 


What students say about this course

'Opened my eyes to a current world problem that we bypass as part of our normal routine.'

'The detail the lecturers went into was really helpful.' 

'The use of guest speakers was a great idea and really inspired me to research further and volunteer.' 

'Interactive, dynamic lectures with relevant real-world examples'. 

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