Open Schedule

General Education courses in the Open Schedule are approved for all undergraduate programmes.

Subject Code Title
Transdisciplinarity TDDEM 100* Democracy in the 21st century
Transdisciplinarity TDENVF 100* Our Environmental Futures:  Te Taiao Tāngata
Accounting ACCTG 151G Financial Literacy
Arts General ARTSGEN 103G Ko Wai Tātou? Who Are We?
Astrosciences ASTRO 200G Astrobiology
Biological Sciences BIOSCI 100G Antarctica: The Frozen Continent
Business Analytics  BUSAN 100G Digital Information Literacy
Business BUSINESS 151G Communication in a Multicultural Society
Career CAREER 100G Crafting Your Career
Chinese CHINESE 100G Beginning Modern Chinese 1
Design  DESIGN 102G Design for Sustainable Futures
Disability Studies DISABLTY 113G* Making Disabilities: The Construction of Ideas
Drama DRAMA 100G Taking the Stage: Performance and Presentation Skills
Education EDUC 100G The Creative Process
Education  EDUC 105G Teaching:Tales and Traditions
Engineering General ENGGEN 101G Software, Data and Intelligent Automation
English ENGLISH 102G Great Books: Seduction & Betrayal
English ENGLISH 121G Reading/Writing/Text
Exercise Sciences  EXERSCI 100G  Exercise and Fitness: Myths and Reality
Fine Arts FINEARTS 109G Introduction to Photographic Practice  
Fine Arts FINEARTS 210G Understanding Contemporary Visual Arts Practice
Fine Arts FINEARTS 211G Understanding Contemporary Fashion Design
FRENCH 101G Introductory French Language 1
Gender Studies GENDER 101G Gender: Global and Local  
Geography GEOG 103G Mapping Our World
Geography GEOG 104G Cities and Urbanism
German GERMAN 101G German Language Introductory 1
Global Studies GLOBAL 101G Global Issues, Sustainable Futures
Innovation  INNOVATE 100G Innovation Through Design 
Italian ITALIAN 100G Introductory Italian Language
Japanese JAPANESE 130G Introduction to Japanese Language 1A
Korean KOREAN 110G Korean for Beginners 1
Latin LATIN 100G Introduction to Latin Language 1
Māori Studies MĀORI 101G Introduction to Written Māori
Māori Studies MĀORI 130G Te Ao Māori / The Māori World
Marine Science MARINE 100G The Oceans Around Us
Medical Science
MEDSCI 100G Human Mind and Body Relationships
Medical Science MEDSCI 101G Environmental Threats to Human Health
Optometry OPTOM 101G How We See 
Pharmacy PHARMACY 111G Drugs and Society
Philosophy PHIL 105G Critical Thinking
Population Health POPLHLTH 103G Epidemics: Black Death to Bioterrorism
Samoan SAMOAN 101G Samoan Language 1
Science General
SCIGEN 101G Communicating in a Knowledge Society
Science General SCIGEN 102G Contemporary science in Aotearoa NZ
Science General SCIGEN 201G Innovating in a Knowledge Society
Science General SCIGEN 301G Engaging in a Knowledge Society
Spanish SPANISH 104G Beginners’ Spanish 1
Sustainability SUSTAIN 100G Sustainability and Us
Theology THEOREL 101G The Bible and Popular Culture
Tongan TONGAN 101G Tongan Language 1

*Please refer to the General Education Regulations, note (v) in the University Calendar.

*Please refer to the New in 2024.

More information about General Education courses

  • You can also choose courses from the General Education Faculty Schedule(s) approved for your degree.
  • Please note, as of 12 June 2023 regulations for General Education have changed. The changes now allow for you to take courses in the same subject to fulfil your General Education requirements. However, if you pass other non-General Education courses in the same subject as your completed General Education courses, then any General Education course/s you have previously taken in this same subject can no longer be used to meet the General Education requirement for the degree they are in, e.g., if you pass DANCE 101G and DANCE 201G and then subsequently take DANCE 131, then DANCE 101G and DANCE 201G will no longer meet your General Education requirement. If you have any questions about how to meet your General Education requirement, please see the Student Hubs.