Engineering, Medical and Health Sciences, Science (EMHSS) Schedule

Courses in the Engineering, Medical and Health Sciences, Science Schedule are available to students enrolled in these degrees:

BE(Hons) | BHSc | MBChB | BNurs | BOptom | BPharm | BSc | BTech | BA/BE(Hons) | BA/BHSc | BA/BSc | BCom/BE(Hons) | BCom/BHSc | BCom/BSc | BE(Hons)/BProp | BE(Hons)/BSc | BHSc/BNurs | BHSc/BSc | BHSc/LLB | BHSc/LLB(Hons) | BMus/BSc | BNurs/BSc | BProp/BSc | BSc/BTheol | BSc/LLB | BSc/LLB(Hons)

Subject Code Title
Anthropology ANTHRO 104G Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific
Anthropology ANTHRO 105G Questions of Race and Racism
Anthropology ANTHRO 106G* Issues and History in Popular Music
Architectural History, Theory and Criticism ARCHHTC 102G Modern Architecture and Urbanism
Art History   ARTHIST 114G   Reading Images
Art History   ARTHIST 115G Global Art Histories
Asian Studies ASIAN 140G New Zealand and Asia
Classical Studies CLASSICS 110G Classical Mythology through Tragedy
Communication COMMS 104G Advertising and Society
Dance Studies DANCE 101G Introduction to Dance and Creative Processes
Dance Studies DANCE 200G Dance and Culture
Economics ECON 151G Understanding the Global Economy
Education EDUC 121G How People Learn
Education EDUC 122G Learning Sexualities
European Studies EUROPEAN 100G Thinking Europe
History HISTORY 103G Global History
Innovation and Entrepreneurship INNOVENT 203G The Entrepreneurial Mindset
International Business INTBUS 151G Business across Borders
Law LAW 121G* Law and Society
Linguistics LINGUIST 101G Language, Mind and Society
Marketing MKTG 151G Essential Marketing
Music MUS 144G Turning-points in Western Music
Music MUS 149G Rock to Reggae: Tracking Popular Music in New Zealand
Pacific Studies PACIFIC 100G Introduction to Pacific Studies
Planning PLANNING 100G Creative Communities: An Introduction to Planning
Politics and International Relations POLITICS 107G New Zealand Politics
Sociology SOCIOL 101G Understanding Aotearoa New Zealand
Theology THEOREL 106G Islam and the Contemporary World
Youth Work YOUTHWRK 152G Understanding New Zealand Youth

* Please refer to the General Education Regulations, notes (iii) and (iv) in the University Calendar.


  • You can also choose courses from the Open Schedule.
  • If you are enrolled in a conjoint degree, you can choose from the Open Schedule or from either faculty schedule relevant to your degrees.
  • You may not take a General Education course in a subject in which you have previously passed a course, or are already enrolled or intend to enrol.