About the department

Mathematics plays a central role in modern life and culture, and an understanding of the nature of mathematics will benefit students in all disciplines.

Professor Steven Galbraith, Head of Department
Professor Steven Galbraith, Head of Department

Nau mai ki Te Kura Mātauranga Pāngarau o Waipapa Taumata Rau.

The Department of Mathematics is one of the most diverse departments within the University of Auckland.

We offer a wide range of courses in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Mathematics Education. You can major in Mathematics in the Faculties of Science and Arts, or study Mathematics in combination with many and varied subjects offered in the Faculties of Science, Engineering, Arts, and the Business School. We also have a thriving programme of postgraduate study and PhD research.

The study of mathematics involves logic and creativity. It develops problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and attention to detail that are of value in many careers. Mathematics can be studied in its own right, and it is also a perfect match, either as a conjoint or a double major, with subjects as varied as Physics, Statistics, Computer Science, Biology, Philosophy, Economics, Finance, Engineering, and many more.

Whatever your background or interests in Mathematics may be, we welcome you to our department.

Professor Steven Galbraith Head of Department

The Department of Mathematics has an excellent reputation. Our staff include world leaders in many areas of theoretical and applied mathematics. We are known for high-quality teaching and we have a strong focus on student wellbeing and achievement. Our degrees and diplomas enjoy widespread recognition from employers in New Zealand and throughout the world. Graduates of the department take up positions in business, industry, planning and environmental organisations, academia and a wide range of other areas. Staff in the department serve their communities by being involved in a wide range of projects and organisations, a selection of which are listed under Maths in society: Engagement and impact.

Whatever your background or interests in Mathematics may be, we welcome you to our department. If you need assistance with course advice, please contact us and our friendly staff will help you. We look forward to meeting you.

Professor Steven Galbraith
Head of Department