Computer Science research

We have many research-active staff with excellent national and international links, both to commerce and academia. Browse the links below for details of our current research areas.

AI computer brain

Our research covers a broad range of topics, including the cognitive sciences, philosophy of mind, and biologically inspired AI.

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White genetic code sequence model.

Our researchers specialise in creating computational models of living systems and fitting them to real data.

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Network cables by Jordan Harrison from Pexels

Computer networking underlies today's mobile devices, home networks and the internet.

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Detecting human motion

Computer vision and computer graphics investigates the methods we use to teach computers how to interpret images and video as well as a human.

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Teenagers around a laptop,

Computers play an increasingly prominent role in education. Our research investigates the ways students learn computing concepts.

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Cybersecurity focuses on algorithms and systems that protect the security and integrity of computer systems, data and people.

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Man using VR headset

This multidisciplinary field of research focuses on the design of computer technology and the interaction between humans (the users) and computers.

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Server room

Our research focuses on parallel and distributed algorithms or protocols and their fundamental principles.

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Software engineering student

Software engineering research seeks to improve the efficiency and quality of software systems.

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Networking and data graphic

Theoretical computer science focuses on the abstract, mathematical nature of computation.

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Two people writing on a whiteboard

Search for masters and doctoral supervisors and research projects that you can join.

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Centre for eResearch

We collaborate with several University-led research centres and organisations.

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