Psychology research

We have involvement in a large number of research areas within the field of psychology. Browse the links below for more information.

Group of students during o-week

Our research explores how human action and experience are embedded in wider sociocultural and political contexts.

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Child drawing

We explore a variety of topics related to human development and learning across the entire life-span.

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Line of Buddhas

We study the evolution of human and animal minds and ask what this can tell us about our psychology.

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Man in handcuffs

Our research is broadly concerned with the application of psychology to understanding, treating and preventing criminal behaviour.

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Group of psychology students

Research in this area explores how cultural understandings of gender and sexuality shape contemporary lives and experiences.

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Flat sea

Our research explores psychological, behavioural and social processes that underscore health and wellbeing.

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We study how the behaviour of humans and other animals is controlled by the environment with which they interact.

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Maori carving indoors

Our research contributes to the development of Indigenous knowledge, theories, and practices that are responsive to the realities of Indigenous people.

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Brain scans

Our research examines the effects of traumatic brain injury, neurodegenerative diseases, neurodevelopmental disorders, and stroke.

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Office from above

We research organisational psychology, with a focus on occupational health psychology and the negative impacts of work.

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Our research looks at how we use our physical senses to obtain information about the environment and what we do with that information.

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Group of students in the park

This broad research area examines the different ways people think, feel and behave in social settings, groups, and close relationships.

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Patient at the Speech Science Clinic

We study speech, language and communication in children and adults across both normal and disordered populations.

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Psychology students

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