Gender and sexuality

Research in this area explores how cultural understandings of gender and sexuality shape contemporary lives and experiences.

Our Gender and sexuality research covers two areas of psychology.

In the first approach, we ask questions about gendered norms and identities, reproductive justice, gender and sexual violence, sexism, and pornography, using non-essentialist forms of inquiry like feminist poststructuralism, societal, sociocultural, psychosocial, and Indigenous approaches. See Nicola Gavey, Virginia Braun, Jade Le Grice and Shiloh Groot, and research in critical, cultural and community; and Maori, Pacific and Indigenous psychology.

In the second approach, we utilise quantitative research to examine how sexist attitudes and gender are associated with power and aggression in intimate relationships, sexual beliefs and behaviour, and attitudes toward abortion, domestic violence and equity policies. See Nickola Overall, Jessica Maxwell, Chris Sibley and Danny Osborne, and research in social psychology group.

Our researchers