Organisational psychology

Our research in this area focuses on organisational psychology in general and occupational health psychology in particular.

Our work investigates how factors promote or undermine employee health and well-being and consider how we can prevent and attenuate the negative impacts of work stressors on employees.

Significant changes in the business, economic, political, and technological backdrops surrounding work have led to fundamental changes to the nature of work. Workers around the world are experiencing increased uncertainty and job insecurity. We explore possible interventions to mitigate the adverse impacts of these issues.

Our research also attempts to promote workplace safety and reduce accidents, injuries, and accident underreporting via safety leadership, safety climate, and safety motivation. This work includes investigating the wellbeing of the healthcare workforce with a focus on allied health staff.

Our researchers

Dr Lixin Jiang (Director, Masters in Organisational Psychology)
Philippa Friary
Dr Bianca Jackson