Marine Science research

Combining a wide range of disciplines, we seek to improve our understanding of the marine environment. Browse the links below for more information.

Poor Knights reef

We aim to document ecological and environmental change in the marine environment and understand the causes, consequences and scale of these changes.

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Gannet in flight

We aim to understand how physiological and biochemical systems allow organisms to live in and adapt to a challenging marine environment.

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PG students conducting research on the beach

By understanding the impact of human activities on coastal and ocean ecosystems our research seeks to improve marine management practices.

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IMS Hawere boat off the coast of Omaha Beach

Our research focuses on habitats ranging from estuaries and coasts to the open ocean and involves a wide variety of approaches and methods.

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Dr Darren Parsons, Institute of Marine Science

Discover the research of our early-career and up-and-coming academics in the area of marine science.

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Woman smiling while working on a boat.

Search for masters and doctoral supervisors and research projects that you can join.

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