Aquaculture and fisheries

Our research focuses on improving the outcomes from fisheries and aquaculture, aiming to improve productivity while minimising any environmental impacts.

Salmon swimming in a net

Research topics

Fish aquaculture and physiology

Our researchers work with the New Zealand aquaculture industry to solve issues relating to growth, development and husbandry stress in fishes. We work on novel methods to expand the production of high-quality products at the lowest possible cost.

Invertebrate aquaculture

Advancing the aquaculture of marine invertebrates requires study across a wide variety of areas, from genetics to animal husbandry. Our research covers many aspects of this broad range and frequently involves working closely with industry to help solve problems they face.


Marine fisheries provide significant economic and cultural value to New Zealand, but there is an ongoing data requirement for their effective management. Our research contributes to this effective management by investigating fish life history, understanding how fishery data can be used to understand the influence of environmental variables on fish movement and recruitment, and using morphology and life-history characteristics to understand stock segregation.

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Our researchers

Dr Brendon Dunphy

  • Invertebrate aquaculture

Dr Neill Herbert

  • Fish aquaculture and physiology

Professor Andrew Jeffs

  • Invertebrate aquaculture
  • Fisheries

Dr Darren Parsons

  • Fisheries