Statistics research

We have seven major research areas covering a diverse range of research interests. Browse the links below for more information.

Binary code

We find novel ways to understand and predict the behaviour of particular variables using information from other variables.

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Our statistical ecology researchers have a broad range of areas of expertise and interests.

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Falling dice

Our research seeks to understand the randomness that surrounds us. Whether its the motion and collisions of atoms or cars at an intersection.

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Dr Yalu Wen, Department of Statistics

Our research considers the measurements of genetic and epigenetic features and analyses human genetic data.

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Physics student silhouetted against and image of space.

Astrostatistics combines astrophysics, statistical analysis and data mining to study data associated with the cosmos.

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School children in a lecture theatre

We have a worldwide reputation for quality statistics education research across a range of statistical areas.

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Chris Wild, Department of Statistics

Discover the research of our early-career and up-and-coming academics in the area of Statistics.

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Dr Matt Edwards

Search for masters and doctoral supervisors and research projects that you can join.