Genomics and biomedical statistics research

Our particular research strength lies in developing statistical methods for various biological and medical studies, and in forensic analyses.

DNA sequencing

Experimental designs

We develop novel approaches to the design and analysis of data for biological and medical experiments. Our research covers experimental designs for biological laboratories and agriculture research. We also develop methods for clinical trials.

Methods for observational studies

We focus on developing novel methods of analysing data for observational studies. Examples include the analysis of data from nested case-control studies and large-scale cohort studies.

Human genomics and bioinformatics

Our novel analysis methods help to interpret various types of human genetic data. Our designs include the development of analyses for high-dimensional multi-layer omics data to detect disease-associated genetic markers.

Our researchers

Professor James Curran

  • Forensic DNA analysis

Emeritus Professor Peter Byard Davis

  • Health inequalities

Dr Yannan Jiang

  • Complex designs
  • Longitudinal studies

Dr Beatrix Jones

  • High throughput biological assays

Professor Thomas Lumley

  • High-throughput omics data
  • Complex survey designs

Dr Patricia Metcalf

  • Medical statistics

Mr Peter Robert Mullins

  • Clinical trials

Dr Claudia Rivera-Rodriguez

  • Two-phase sampling 
  • Survey designs

Dr Katya (Kathy) Ruggiero

  • Optimal design and analysis of two-phase experiments
  • High-throughput omics experiments

Professor Chris Triggs

  • Experimental designs
  • Biometric

Dr Yalu Wen

  • High-throughput omics data
  • Medical statistics