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Top 10 Scopus publications by citation (2014-2018)

The effect of an electronic monitoring device with audiovisual reminder function on adherence to inhaled corticosteroids and school attendance in children with asthma: A randomised controlled trial

Source: The Lancet Respiratory Medicine (2015)
Authors: Chan, A.H.Y., Stewart, A.W., Harrison, J., Camargo, C.A., Black, P.N., Mitchell, E.A. 

Initial teacher education: What does it take to put equity at the center?

Source: Teaching and Teacher Education (2016)
Authors: Cochran-Smith, M., Ell, F., Grudnoff, L., Haigh, M., Hill, M., Ludlow, L.

Cost effectiveness of childhood obesity interventions: Evidence and methods for CHOICES

Source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine (2015)
Authors: Gortmaker, S.L., Long, M.W., Resch, S.C., Ward, Z.J., Cradock, A.L., Barrett, J.L., Wright, D.R., Sonneville, K.R., Giles, C.M., Carter, R.C., Moodie, M.L., Sacks, G., Swinburn, B.A., Hsiao, A., Vine, S., Barendregt, J., Vos, T., Wang, Y.C.

A horizon scan of global conservation issues for 2015

Source: Trends in Ecology and Evolution (2015)
Authors: Sutherland, W.J., Clout, M., Depledge, M., Dicks, L.V., Dinsdale, J., Entwistle, A.C., Fleishman, E., Gibbons, D.W., Keim, B., Lickorish, F.A., Monk, K.A., Ockendon, N., Peck, L.S., Pretty, J., Rockström, J., Spalding, M.D., Tonneijck, F.H., Wintle, B.C.

Cost effectiveness of an elementary school active physical education policy

Source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine (2015)
Authors: Barrett, J.L., Gortmaker, S.L., Long, M.W., Ward, Z.J., Resch, S.C., Moodie, M.L., Carter, R., Sacks, G., Swinburn, B.A., Wang, Y.C., Cradock, A.L.

Curriculum in early childhood education: Critical questions about content, coherence, and control

Source: Curriculum Journal (2016)
Authors: Wood, E., Hedges, H.

Educational intervention to decrease stigmatizing attitudes of undergraduate nurses towards people with mental illness

Source: International Journal of Mental Health Nursing (2018)
Authors: Bingham, H., O'Brien, A.J.

Towards global benchmarking of food environments and policies to reduce obesity and diet-related non-communicable diseases: Design and methods for nation-wide surveys

Source: BMJ Open (2014)
Authors: Vandevijvere, S., Swinburn, B.

How does the theory of consumption values contribute to place identity and sustainable consumption?

Source: International Journal of Consumer Studies (2015)
Authors: Lee, C.K.C., Levy, D.S., Yap, C.S.F.

Philosophy and pedagogy of early childhood

Source: Educational Philosophy and Theory (2014)
Authors: Farquhar, S., White, E.J.