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Top 10 Scopus publications by citation (2014-2018)

Flax fibre and its composites - A review

Source: Composites Part B: Engineering (2014)
Authors: Yan, L., Chouw, N., Jayaraman, K.

Ni3FeN nanoparticles derived from ultrathin NiFe-layered double hydroxide nanosheets: An efficient overall water splitting lectrocatalyst

Source: Advanced Energy Materials (2016)
Authors: Jia, X., Zhao, Y., Chen, G., Shang, L., Shi, R., Kang, X., Waterhouse, G.I.N., Wu, L.-Z., Tung, C.-H., Zhang, T.

Smart utilization of carbon dots in semiconductor photocatalysis

Source: Advanced Materials (2016)
Authors: Yu, H., Shi, R., Zhao, Y., Waterhouse, G.I.N., Wu, L.-Z., Tung, C.-H., Zhang, T.

Precursor-reforming protocol to 3D mesoporous g-C3N4 established by ultrathin self-doped nanosheets for superior hydrogen evolution

Source: Nano Energy (2017)
Authors: Tian, N., Zhang, Y., Li, X., Xiao, K., Du, X., Dong, F., Waterhouse, G.I.N., Zhang, T., Huang, H.

Defect-engineered ultrathin Δ-MnO2 nanosheet arrays as bifunctional electrodes for efficient overall water splitting

Source: Advanced Energy Materials (2017)
Authors: Zhao, Y., Chang, C., Teng, F., Zhao, Y., Chen, G., Shi, R., Waterhouse, G.I.N., Huang, W., Zhang, T.

Layered double hydroxide nanosheets as efficient visible-light-driven photocatalysts for dinitrogen fixation

Source: Advanced Materials (2017)
Authors: Zhao, Y., Zhao, Y., Waterhouse, G.I.N., Zheng, L., Cao, X., Teng, F., Wu, L.-Z., Tung, C.-H., O'Hare, D., Zhang, T.

Layered double hydroxide nanostructured photocatalysts for renewable energy production

Source: Advanced Materials (2016)
Authors: Zhao, Y., Jia, X., Waterhouse, G.I.N., Wu, L.-Z., Tung, C.-H., O'Hare, D., Zhang, T.

Concentrating solar power

Source: Chemical Reviews (2015)
Authors: Weinstein, L.A., Loomis, J., Bhatia, B., Bierman, D.M., Wang, E.N., Chen, G.

CdS nanoparticle-decorated Cd nanosheets for efficient visible light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen evolution

Source: Advanced Energy Materials (2016)
Authors: Shang, L., Tong, B., Yu, H., Waterhouse, G.I.N., Zhou, C., Zhao, Y., Tahir, M., Wu, L.-Z., Tung, C.-H., Zhang, T.

The roles of metal co-catalysts and reaction media in photocatalytic hydrogen production: Performance evaluation of M/TiO2 photocatalysts (M = Pd, Pt, Au) in different alcohol-water mixtures

Source: Journal of Catalysis (2015)
Authors: Al-Azri, Z.H.N., Chen, W.-T., Chan, A., Jovic, V., Ina, T., Idriss, H., Waterhouse, G.I.N.